please call 803-777-WORK (9675) or USC Police Department 803-777-4215.

If the departments or offices need COVID Cleaning supplies, please place an order using the form on the Purchasing website.

Use the form below for the Classroom Sanitation Supplies. If classroom items are out of stock or low, please fill out the form using respective request type.

Facilities General Service Request

Our Work Management Team can assist you with coordinating general service requests. These types of requests could include general maintenance request, cleaning/waste removal, landscaping, room temperature concerns, etc. Please complete the below general services request form and one of our Work Management Representatives will assign your request to the appropriate crew for assistance.

Facilities Project Request

Our Work Management Team can assist you with requesting our team of project managers to assess whether your proposed work will require the creation of a project. Facilities’ project typically fall out of the realm of general services request and can include enhancement to offices, classrooms, lab space, site improvements, security/access upgrades, etc. Please complete the form and submit to the Work Management Center and one of our representatives will assign your request to a project manager who will contact you for further assistance.

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From Feb 1, 2019, PeopleSoft chart of accounts is required (versus LEGACY Department-Fund)



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