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Get in my belly!..

If you've been around the Russell House recently, you've probably already noticed the new additions: 8 Big Belly Solar compactors and recycling units. These 8 units are able to replace the approximately 40 conventional trash cans that were around the Russell House because they handle 5 times the capacity of a regular trash can due to their solar powered compactor. The new units also provide parallel access to recycling making it easy to recycle your bottle, can, or newspaper. Other advantages of the new Big Belly units include an appearance upgrade to the area around the Russell House and the labor savings of visiting fewer sites, less often.

A couple of guidelines about recycling using the Big Bellies:

  • The units are single stream meaning that all recyclables currently collected on campus can go in the bin: mixed paper (we take anything that tears!), aluminum, and plastic bottles.

  • Food and liquid are contaminants in the recycling stream. Items do not have to be rinsed, but containers full of liquid should be emptied before being placed in the recycling bin. Items covered in food residue should be rinsed or put in the trash side to avoid contaminating the recycling.

  • Russell House cups are not recyclable! Please do not put them in the recycling side. Not only are they not recyclable, they are usually full of liquid which contaminates the paper in the bin.
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