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Facilities Organizational Structure Tree

This page provides a real-time organizational structure tree built directly from the Employee - Supervisor relationship (as stored in the FAMIS employee data).

Navigation and use of the "tree" is simple. If you see a "+" sign to the left of a name, that employee is a supervisor with people who report to him/her. Clicking either on the "+" or on the name opens the display and shows you a list of employees who report to that supervisor. You can continue to work your way DOWN through the structure for the entire organization in this manner.

Clicking a "-" will COLLAPSE an open list of employees. (Note that at the top of the tree, there are optional buttons that will collapse or expand the entire tree.)

If you have opened several "layers" in the tree and would like to review the reporting structure for an employee – moving your cursor into the next column to the LEFT (of the employee's name) displays the employee's immediate supervisor. Continuing to move to the left displays the next name "up" in the supervisory tree.

If you "click" in a supervisor's COLUMN your display will move up to the supervisor's name in the tree.

Other features of the page:

SEARCH enter the employee's name, or a portion of the name, in the box labeled: "SEARCH BY NAME OR PORTION OF IT" to find a specific employee. (Searching and expanding by department / crew will be added soon.)

SEARCH USING A WILD CARD: You may also search for any part of the name by using the wild card symbol "%". Ex: to search for Uvarov, you could type something like this "%uva" to indicate that the system should return ALL names containing the exact combination of letters "uva". If the search returns more than one record, choose the employee name you are searching for from the list provided.

PRINTING: If you wish to print the tree – select the tree and print your selection.

Please note again that the structure is based on the Employee – Supervisor relationship in FAMIS. If you have any questions about the listings on the tree, in the employee phone book or on the employee locator screen, please contact HR team.

Please do not hesitate to suggest improvements, corrections etc. Thank you!

Facilities REPORTING Organization Structure

FUNCTIONAL Organization Structure

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  • WALTON, ED Top
      • HUTTO, LYNN Top
        • BRYANT, ALICE Top
        • GLENN, OCTAVIA Top
      • MOAK, RICHARD JR Top
        • UVAROV, OLEG Top
          • CARTER, LAKOTA Top
          • HOLLAND, DREW Top
          • THOMPSON, JOSEPH C. Top
        • BOLIN, QUINTON Top
          • COOPER, SCOTT Top
            • GOODMAN, ISAAC Top
            • JACOBS, TYRONE A. Top
            • JONES, JERRY Top
            • MARSHALL, KENNETH Top
            • MARTIN, JAMES G. Top
              • BALLINGTON, JESSE O. Top
            • RADCLIFFE, MICHAEL H. Top
            • TILLEY, ROBERT Top
            • YON, PAUL E. Top
          • YARBOROUGH, TODD W. Top
            • GARRETT, TIM A. Top
            • LOUGH, RONALD Top
            • MACKEY, WILLIAM R. Top
        • CASSITY, ERIC S. Top
        • DAVIS, ROGER Top
          • DAVIS, SHARON C. Top
          • STANARD, SHERRI L. Top
          • BLACK, ALBERT E. Top
            • LOCKHART, ROBERT E. Top
              • WROTEN, DIANE Top
            • MILLER, TAMIKA D. Top
              • GUINYARD, WILBUR Top
              • PATTERSON, ELLEN Top
              • ROBINSON, LAMANDA Top
              • TAYLOR, JOYCE T. Top
            • NUNEZ, SHARON L Top
              • ALSTON, KATHY Top
            • SANSBURY, JENNIFER K. Top
            • SMITH, ROOSEVELT Top
            • SPENCER, LEROY Top
              • WILLIAMS, SHARON Top
            • WILLINGHAM, LATORA S. Top
              • BOUKNIGHT, CKESA Top
              • BROWN, JENNIFER Top
          • SIMS, LEROY Top
            • ASCANIO, EDITH Top
            • BOULWARE, ADAM J. Top
            • JOHNSON, ERIC D. Top
            • LOUA, PROSPERE Top
            • MCDANIELS, CHARMIKA B. Top
              • ABDUL-SALAAM, KALIMAH Top
              • JACKSON, AKILAH Top
            • PITTS, DIANA Top
            • ROBERTS, JOYCELYN Top
            • SMITH, BERTHA Top
            • WARD, VANESSA Top
            • WASHINGTON JR, ARCHIE Top
            • WILLIAMS, APRIL Top
        • GIBSON, DONALD Top
          • MARTIN, DEBBIE Top
            • KIMBRIEL, KRYSTAL Top
            • MATTHEWS, MEGHAN Top
          • ALLEN, JOHN H. Top
          • BRANHAM, DALE Top
            • AYCOCK, FRANK Top
              • SCHUMPERT, RONALD K. Top
            • BENNETT, CATHERINE Top
            • ROBERSON, ADRIAN L. Top
            • SLIGH, III, JAMES E. Top
              • ALSTON, JR., OREE Top
                • BOYD, MICHAEL Top
                • RICE, SCOTT J. Top
              • HALLMAN, RONALD L. Top
                • CLIFTON, JAMES Top
                • JAMES, DEMETRIUS T. Top
                • ROJAS, HERIBERTO Top
              • STURKIE, SCOTT E. Top
            • THOMAS, SANDRA A. Top
              • BREWER, RICK B. Top
              • HARPER, WILBERT Top
              • MIDDLETON, ANTHONY L. Top
              • SPANN, JEFFREY L. Top
            • WOOD, BRIAN K. Top
              • EDWARDS, ALEXANDER C Top
              • HUFFMAN, PATRICK J. Top
          • CLARK, NEAL Top
            • BENSON, ANGELA L. Top
              • GRIFFIN, THOMAS B. Top
              • SCOTT, RONALD T. Top
              • WOODEN, JAMES G. Top
            • LONG, MATTHEW 'SKIP' Top
              • FRYE, GEORGE R. Top
          • FUNDERBURK, CHAD A. Top
            • BETHEA, JEROME Top
            • JONES, GREGORY A. Top
              • MARSH, SAMUEL M. Top
              • SHARPE, JEFFREY Top
            • WIGINGTON, DEWEY S Top
          • GALLAGHER, DENNIS Top
            • CAMPBELL, H. DANNY Top
              • SIGHTLER, ARCHIE D. "TRIPP" Top
            • CAMPBELL, KEVIN Top
              • BLOXOM, WILLIAM K. Top
              • BUNDRICK, SONNY R. Top
              • MILES, MICHAEL D. Top
              • SUMPTER, CEDRIC S. Top
          • HARMON, TIMOTHY Top
          • MALDONADO, CHARO Top
            • BROOKS, LAMAR Top
              • BROWN, JR., NELSON Top
              • HULST, TIMOTHY Top
              • PITTS, TYLER A. Top
              • SHUMPERT, ERIC Top
            • CHEWNING, SCOTT Top
              • HARVEY,MATTHEW T Top
              • MOORE, LARRY Top
              • SANDLIN, J DWAYNE Top
              • THOMAS, ANDREW Top
            • MCGEE, BARBARA Top
              • HOUGH, CHARMET R. Top
              • SKINNER, THOMAS Top
            • RUCKER, DANIEL L. Top
              • BROWN, DERRICK A. Top
              • HUDSON, STEVEN M. Top
              • MARONEY, JACKSON C. Top
          • PROVENCE, JEROME C Top
            • ENDSLEY, ALEKSANDRA "ANA" Top
            • MAXFIELD, RONALD C. Top
            • RUSSELL, TY Top
              • JACOBS, TONICIA S Top
              • SCOTT, DERRICK J Top
              • SUTTON, TAVARIS Top
              • WARREN, SIMONE A Top
              • WASHINGTON, DARRYL H., II Top
          • SHUMPERT, LUTHER "WARD" Top
            • BURNETT, SR., JACKSON M. Top
            • CARTER, II, DONALD S. Top
            • COCKRELL, BRIAN D Top
            • CROSS, RONALD L. Top
              • DEMIDOW, ALAN Top
              • GALLAGHER, EUGENE W. Top
              • HERRING, MARK C. Top
              • JENSEN, JOSHUA J Top
              • MCENTIRE, BRYAN C. Top
            • FRICK, MARTY C. Top
              • HANVEY, JUSTIN T. Top
              • HAWLEY, DANIEL W. Top
              • JAMES, ROBERT D. Top
              • JERALD, CLIFTON Top
              • SMITH, DOUG Top
            • JEFFCOAT, PETER Top
            • PELOSI, JAMES Top
            • PETERS, JAMES A. Top
              • COTTRELL, MATTHEW R. Top
              • GREGG, ROBBIE M. Top
              • HARSEY, KEVIN S. Top
              • MOTLEY, ANTHONY W. Top
              • TUCKER, EUGENE Top
            • RICHARDSON, MARK A. Top
              • HENDRIX, GREGORY P. Top
              • KENT, KEVIN A. Top
              • ORR, BRANDON C. Top
              • PRICE, CASEY D. Top
              • ROYALS, MICHAEL Top
            • SENN, JAMES E Top
              • BRIDGES, PORTER H. Top
              • GAINES, GLYNN C. Top
              • MOODY, TERRY L, JR. Top
              • SPRAGUE, GEORGE Top
              • THOMAS, ANTHONY Top
          • URBATES, BEN Top
            • BELL, JEROME Top
              • ADAMS, JUSTIN M. Top
              • BRYANT, DERRICK R. Top
              • STEED, MAURICE J. Top
              • THOMAS, JR, WILLIE Top
            • LOWMAN, VINCENT B. Top
              • ALVAREZ, MICHAEL Top
              • BENTON, WENDELL L. Top
              • CROUCH, TIM K. Top
              • CRUMPTON, RONALD D. Top
              • DURANT, EDDIE Top
        • KNOWLES, THOMAS R. Top
          • LYBRAND, JENIFER Top
          • COOK, LARRY D. Top
            • CASTRO, GILBERT A. Top
            • PACE, SHAWN Top
          • HOPKINS, DAMEON O. Top
            • CALDWELL, THOMAS E. Top
            • CARMONA, NELSON P. Top
          • STEWART, JR., NORMAN Top
            • BYRD, JAMES K. Top
            • CURTIS, KEVIN R Top
              • DEESE, GLENN E. Top
                • BRABHAM, JAMES Top
              • GOFF, THOMAS M. Top
                • BROWN, GEORGE Top
                • CARMICHAEL, JOHN Top
              • HANKINS, JOHN A. Top
                • BELTON, NORRIS, JR. Top
              • KRENZ, RANDALL T. Top
              • ROZIER, MATTHEW T. Top
                • PERRY, RAMON P. Top
              • SIMONSON, JAMES A. Top
              • WATERS, JAVAN H. Top
                • BROWN, BENJAMIN Top
                • JACOBS, ROY D. Top
                • JACOBS, WILLIE Top
                • KELLEY, GERALD B. Top
            • MURRAY, MELANIE J. Top
            • RANKIN, MICHAEL G Top
            • RYAN, CHARLES E. Top
              • ROBBINS, DAVID W. Top
            • SUFFRIDGE, CURTIS Top
            • WHITAKER, DAVID B. Top
          • CAPERS, PHYLLIS Top
          • NELSON, TROY A. Top
            • KNOX, JERRY L. Top
            • MOLDOVAN, RADU I. Top
            • MOORE, LORETTA Top
          • WIGGINS, BRIAN S. Top
        • TURNER, WILLIAM A. Top
      • KATZ, RICHARD C.Meet KATZ, RICHARD C.... Top
          • HALL, SHELIA Top
          • HAMMOND, BRITTANY N. Top
          • JONES, SUSAN Top
        • CREWS, DEBORAH M. Top
        • CATHCART, C. DWIGHT Top
          • REINHARDT, AVIS Top
          • ESTOCK, JOSEPH R. Top
            • CARNEY, III, KENDALL L. Top
            • FERRELL, RANDY Top
            • FLEEGER, WILLIAM G. Top
            • HINSON, JR., ROBERT L. Top
            • MEVENS, CLYDE Top
            • MORRIS, BILLY Top
            • STONE, JUSTIN R. Top
          • GEARY, CHRISTOPER S. Top
        • OPAL, THOMAS N. Top
          • ABRAMS, JEFFREY R Top
          • CIACCIA, LINDA A. Top
            • ATHANAS, ELISABETTA Top
            • PATE, BRITT Top
            • ZIMMERMAN, ROBIN L. Top
          • DERRICK, ANN Top
          • FISHER, PETER L. Top
          • GREEN, TROY K Top
          • HURT, THATCHER Top
          • JONES, EMILY F Top
          • LINDSAY, ALFRED A Top
          • MERGNER, CHRISTIAN F. Top
          • MILLER, HAROLD L. Top
          • MOORE, CRAIG Top
            • CAUGHMAN, TRACY E. Top
        • SADLER, KATHY Top
      • GRUNER, DEREK S.Meet GRUNER, DEREK S.... Top
        • HOFFMEYER, III, GUS Top
        • JERALD, RICHARD JR. Top
          • HERLONG, KIMBERLY A. Top
        • MODESTO, R. YANCEY Top
      • MANIGO, VENIS Top
        • CLARK, CLARISSA Top
          • ALLEY, KATHLEEN L. Top
          • BROOKINS, JUAQUANA Top
          • HIKMET, HATICE Top
          • JACKSON, LIND Top
          • JAVIS, WILLIE E.(TEDDY) Top
            • BURTON, GAWAIN D. Top
          • RISH, AIMEE B. Top

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