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How to find Facilities Department employment opportunities

Search Postings, is a feature of the USC Human Resources website. Pressing the [CONTINUE] button (below) transfers to the Search Postings page.

Note - Jobs are listed by Department name. For your convenience, our department names are listed and categorized below to assist you with your search.

To perform a job search:

  1. Print this page for a complete list of our department names.
  2. Press the [CONTINUE] button (below) to transfer to the Search Postings page.
  3. On Search Postings, select one of our Departments from the Department pull down list. Both highlighted by yellow below.
  4. Select USC Columbia as your CAMPUS.
  5. Press the [SEARCH] Button.
  6. If you do not find postings for the department you have chosen, press the [CLEAR RESULTS] and continue your search by selecting a different department name.
Business / Finance Division of Facilities and Campus Management
Landscaping / Grounds Landscaping Services
Planning / Design Space Management
Planning and Programming
Design and Construction
Building Services
Energy Production / Management Energy Services
Custodial / Janitorial Custodial Services
Environmental Mgmt / Sustainability Environmental Services
Maintenance / Operations Facility Services
Central Shops
Research Campus Maintenance
Historic Campus Maintenance
National Advocacy Center

USC and Facilities job postings search



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