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Facilities Facts

Landscaping | Environmental Services | Custodial Services | Energy Services | Maintenance

We support and maintain 206 buildings with more than 12 million gross square feet of living and learning spaces. We accomplish our mission with a staff of skilled professionals who are equipped to handle everything from assistance for special events to welding... and everything in between.


  • USC's Columbia campus is comprised of over 570 acres of campus, parks, parking lots, athletic and intramural fields, and equestrian facilities. You can experience our urban campus first-hand by walking a portion of the 189 miles of our sidewalks and walkways.

  • Our campus is also an award winning, massive urban forest - which includes nearly 6,000 trees.

    To insure that future generations of students and alumni can enjoy the shade and serenity of the University campus, a team composed of an arborist and two-man crew perform most of our tree maintenance and replanting. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art tree management software to inventory and map each tree. This technology helps them effectively manage maintenance schedules and identify additional planting spaces.

  • In recognition of our efforts, The Arbor Day Foundation has awarded USC with the Tree Campus USA Award. The Tree Campus USA program recognizes college and university campuses that:

    • Effectively manage their campus trees.
    • Develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy, urban forests.
    • Strive to engage their student population utilizing service learning opportunities centered on campus, and community, forestry efforts.
    • Each campus designated as a Tree Campus USA must also meet the following 5 criteria by dedicating resources to:

      1. Campus Tree Advisory Committee
      2. Campus Tree Care Plan
      3. Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures
      4. Arbor Day Observance
      5. Service Learning Project
  • A Green Star Grand Award from the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) was also awarded to USC for its sound, professional grounds management program.

Bottom line - "Going Green" is not just a slogan here at USC! Carolina is increasing its plantings and green spaces while maintaining sustainable landscaping and water management best practices such as reducing chemical use and pursuing low-impact development.

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Environmental Services

  • The Environmental Services team manages the disposal or recycling of more than 4,225 tons of trash generated annually.

  • Our Gamecock Waste enterprise completes routes with over 150 trash and recycling dumpsters; emptying some of them 5-6 times per week to remove the (approximately) 310 pounds of trash / student generated each year!

  • Environmental Services has also distributed over 2,000 recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum cans. Last year, this campus wide effort recycled approximately 800 tons of paper, metal, wood, electronics and other recyclable materials.

Top | Landscaping | Environmental Services | Custodial Services | Energy Services | Maintenance

Custodial Services

  • Members of our Custodial teams accomplish the Herculean task of cleaning an average of 66,000 square feet of academic and administrative buildings every day  — The daily cleaning of this 6.2 million square feet of space is 2 ½ times the industry standard.

  • Fun fact: Our annual consumption of more than 165 miles of paper towels could reach from our campus to the beaches of Hilton Head Island. (And our consumption of toilet tissue could go the distance 12.6 times — that's over 2,081 miles)!

Top | Landscaping | Environmental Services | Custodial Services | Energy Services | Maintenance

Energy Services

  • To insure that our University community has a comfortable and safe working environment means that we supply and monitor the heating, cooling, lighting and water needs for the University. This means that our community "utility bill" is approximately $29 million annually!

  • To give you a peek into what a bill that size entails, on a typical day the USC community consumes:

    • 1.1 million gallons of water
    • Enough air conditioning to cool approximately 6,000 average sized homes
    • Enough electricity to supply 7,000 average sized homes
    • Generation of enough steam each year for building heating and hot water to heat over 3,000 homes
  • And to accomplish all this requires that we build and maintain an infrastructure of underground electric, steam, condensate and chilled water piping over 20 miles long.

Top | Landscaping | Environmental Services | Custodial Services | Energy Services | Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

  • To make sure we arrive in time, where we are needed, our more than 25,000 requests for service are dispatched through our Customer Call Center each year.

  • To keep our "family" safe we:

    • Maintain 160 emergency call boxes
    • Service 60 emergency generators
    • Serve as the locksmiths for an inventory of 60,000 locks — and manage the inventory of 80,000 keys issued to University personnel
    • Maintain 7,500 exterior lights
  • Our Roofing team maintains 57 acres of roof — (2,500,000 square feet).

  • Our Electrical teams service:

    • 350,000 lighting fixtures
    • 1,500 electrical panels
    • 150 million linear feet of wiring (28,400 miles)
  • Together our teams also manage:

    • 76.5 million linear feet of piping (14,488.6 miles)
    • 40,000 windows
    • And change approximately 18,000 HVAC filters

Top | Landscaping | Environmental Services | Custodial Services | Energy Services | Maintenance

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