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WELCOME to the FACILITIES Business & Finance Department!

The Facilities Business & Finance Department focuses on the management and reporting of vital resources. We monitor and balance the budget, ensure that all projects, goods and services are procured and reconciled, accurately process and store all pertinent information, and provide accessibility of that information to authorized staff.

We are four closely coordinated teams designed to maximize our limited resources and build a strong support foundation through the application of sound business principles and practices. A foundation which enables our department to make decisions that benefit its customers: the students, faculty and staff of the University.

  • The Accounting team is our most diverse group. It is responsible for processing all payments for goods and services as well as completion of the majority of Facilities' other data entry in the form of Labor transactions, Credit Card invoice recording, and Blanket Purchase Order payment processing. The team also manages our fleet and the utilities for the Columbia campus and is responsible for project level accounting for all USC campuses (totaling over $600M).

    Their successful management of all of these tasks and their close review and analysis insure that our customer billing is accurate; our employees and vendors paid; and our internal and external customers receive the information they require. And finally, they are the customer-focused point of contact for interpretation of our accounting information for both our internal and external clients.

  • Our Fiscal Analyst manages Budgets and is responsible for our Financial Performance reporting. She provides the analytical support to management that ensures that the organization's financial goals are met.

  • Our Procurement / Contract Administration / Inventory team is composed of professionals who:

    • Focus on the procurement and contract administration of Design and Construction projects involving all USC campuses
    • Provide guidance on the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and the Office of the State Engineer's Manual for Planning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements - Part II to ensure strict adherence to the law regarding all construction projects.
    • Manage all construction and professional service contracts, payments related to contracts; and contract compliance.
    • Procure, dispense and manage inventory for the Facilities Warehouse
    • Manage relationships with contractors, vendors and project managers to provide excellent customer service.

  • And finally, our Information Technology support is composed of two closely coordinated teams responsible for the technology and systems. The first, our Network team, handles the day-to-day management of our technology platforms, provides desktop support and secure access to information.

    Our second, the FAMIS team, manages our Enterprise Information System, performs data analysis, conducts user training and supports our web presence. Together, these two teams insure that our stakeholders can access and receive information vital to daily operations.

Our teams dedicate themselves to customer service. I hope that the information you find here will be helpful but please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns.

Richard Katz, CPPB, CPM

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